Past Experience in Multiple Domains

As technology continues to advance, RTNC Group has a team of leading experts to deliver on-demand planning, consulting, management and supervision services for complex projects to help nations and organizations unleash their potential within the modern environment.

RTNC Group has extensive past experience and a unique blend of technical expertise, project management methodologies, and innovative perspective to ensure the highest quality of planning and execution of large-scale projects. We provide expert support for each stage of the projects’ development: from the design and planning of the ideal solution for a given set of circumstances, to the coordination between the different experts and services during the implementation stage, and further into ensuring effective implementation, integration and knowledge transfer that ensure the projects’ long-term sustainability.

Past Performance Projects

Government Offices IT Infrastructure & Systems

Telecommunication Infrastructure & Access Control

Providing, implementing and assimilating a cutting-edge integrative IT and communications solution for a leading governmental organization in Western Africa.

RTNC Group designed and oversaw the execution of a value-creating IT strategy, deploying cutting-edge technology in order to optimize operations and efficiency.

The project included an elaborate planning stage, during which of IT engineers and technicians performed an in-depth analysis of the existing technological landscape and the future goals and challenges facing the organization.

Combining our innovative management practices with in-depth IT expertise, RTNC Group was able to provide a customized technology-strategy and IT architecture tailored for its specific demands. The project included a complete upgrade of the client’s existing system in order to make its working processes more efficient.

Project Framework

Within the framework of the system upgrade, RTNC Group designed and oversaw the implementation of an advanced IT and communications network that will better serve the organization’s internal and external communication requirements. RTNC Group established the entire physical backbone for the entire technological system of the organization, including data servers and advanced management software for supporting the different operations of the government organization.

In addition, the project included the planning and implementation of a comprehensive low-voltage security system (including the installation of a camera and alarm system); a vehicle access control system for the protection of the building’s perimeter; an advanced system for ID-based access classification management; the establishment of a central control room for 24/7 real-time vigilance and video archiving; LAN network system upgrade to support larger data transmission quantities; the establishment of a complete, advanced telephony system that supports conference calls, video calls, regular telephone calls and documentation of all communication; complete and secure internet coverage; the establishment of cutting-edge digital archives; the integration of a simple and secure digital correspondence system, an virtual administrative portal and a wide array of multimedia systems.

Information Security Layer

We have also planned and established a cutting-edge information security system for the control and supervision of the organization’s critical information assets and prevent unauthorized elements from accessing classified information.

By adopting a holistic approach that ideally combined between new technologies and existing capabilities and systems, RTNC Group was able to deliver a value-creating IT infrastructure that effectively deployed advanced technology to optimize our client’s operations and efficiency.

Public Facility Project

Planning Construction and Supervision

Planning and supervising the construction of a large-scale public facility for a government in Western Africa.

RTNC Group provided a full turnkey solution for a large-scale public building in West Africa. Our solution included a comprehensive survey of the project’s environment and its impact of client requirements. RTNC Group produced a full architectural and structural design of the facility and a complete roadmap for its construction, including a budget and timeline estimation. Our plans included all the elements of the facility: electrical system, water and waste systems, safety and fire protection, and even an advanced communication system.

Once the project was on its way, RTNC group’s team of experts supervised the implementation of the project’s plans, adapting them when necessary and ensuring the quality of the building materials, equipment and workmanship.  We provided full-time on-site supervisors who oversaw that each detail is attended to. We completed the project with On the Job training on the site’s operation and management, for current and future workers in the facility.

National Electric Masterplan

Survey, Analysis and Engineering Plan

Designing, adapted and supervising the establishment and implementation of an updated electrical infrastructure for a government in West Africa.

RTNC Group designed, adapted and supervised the establishment and implementation of an updated national electrical infrastructure architecture, in order to reflect and accommodate recent developments in the country’s economy, including developments in the gas sector, renewable power sources and new government policy guidelines.

RTNC Group has carried out a detailed feasibility study and designed an optimal updated system for the generation and transmission of power. RTNC Group’s unique system architecture enabled the connection of thousands of new houses, businesses and communities to electrical power, enabling them to harness the advantages of a reliable electricity source.

Making use of the existing system’s advantages, our masterplan expanded, upgraded and fortified the system specifically in the areas with a relatively fast growth rate, in order to allow for fast economic growth. One of the strongest features of our system design was precisely its flexibility and ability to adapt and expand in a simple and cost-effective way to future developments.

Big Data Analytics System

Open Source Data Mining and Assimilation

RTNC Group is a leading player in the open sources and big data technologies world, Providing, implementing and assimilating a big scale open source big data analytics solution in south east Asia.

The system includes data assembly from various open sources, analyzing to the customer need and producing reports and specific analyses, our open source systems are cutting edge and include the most up to date software integrated on the best hardware available.

This project included an end to end training and knowledge transfer programs in train the trainer format.

Smart City Project

Communication Infrastructure & Control Centers

This turnkey safe city project includes the design, implementation and supervision of a few major cities in Africa.

Safe City solutions assemble the security, control and management functions of disparate sub-systems into a single integrated Physical Security Information Management platform. The platform includes software which connects all the sub-systems and sensors into a single control center and response force by using an integrated communication system with wired and wireless components.

Installing infrastructure, CCTV, IP intercoms, mobile units, command and control centers and set up of a city-wide data transmission 4G, PTMT, PTP, Fiber Optic segment and cellular transmission technologies, all managed from a single platform. the system is able to provide accurate real-time information, which enables the improvement of safety and security, the authorities’ response time, and the fighting against crime and terror.


Using the latest call center, command and control center, video management and analytics software RTNC Group enables the end-customer to control, manage, record and report all daily operational activity for fast and effective response to danger and emergency situations.

Data Centers and Platforms

Configuration, installation and training

A large-scale national project for a government in Africa, for the establishment and consolidation of nation-wide data center capacity.

The project included planning a coordinated national system, establishing new data centers in various locations, designing a data transmission system architecture for connecting between the centers, creating nation-wide command and control centers and integrating the system within existing organizations that require its services.

The project begins with a survey that established, in close cooperation with the local government, the exact data-capacity that will ultimately be required from the new data center system. Our team of experts also made sure to perform an in-depth analysis the potential future demand scenarios in order to establish the precise data-center capacity requirements for each region in the country.

On the basis of this survey, a modular data-center establishment and expansion plan was established. The new plan is entirely custom-built, and provide a system that delivers expanded high-quality capacity, resiliency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

This project is in cooperation with local government including the customer in all the procedures, compounding a local “dream team” for the managing positions and the key trainers.

This project includes end to end training in all the disciplines from maintenance to certified network technicians and network architects and extensive end user training by local trained instructors.

Airport International Standards Survey

Operation, Procedures and Standards Evaluation

Conducting a comprehensive national survey of international and domestic airports for a country in West Africa.

RTNC Group conducted a comprehensive, nation-wide survey of international and domestic airports for a West African country.

RTNC Group joined together a group of professional experts in various domains, in order to design and specifically targeted survey that will enable the identification of technological gaps and areas of vulnerability that will require expansion and modernization in order to achieve compliance with ICAO International standards. Our survey also included suggestions for TSA programs and measures that will enable the country to send and receive direct US flights.

The scope of the surveys included all main airport operations components, such as: manpower and technology deployment; passenger screening, check-in, hand baggage, and cargo screening; aircraft and airport perimeter protection, and more.

RTNC Groups important survey findings were submitted to the authorities, enabling them to plan the future development of the country’s airports in an informed and effective way.

Agricultural Feasibility Study & Survey

Extensive Field Survey and Agronomic Study

Process planning for implementation of an advanced agricultural projects in developing countries in Western Africa.

RTNC Group provides extensive feasibility Surveys to present a general concept of intensive agricultural production to the respective Government representatives. Performing a pre-feasibility study, in the areas with most potential, collecting physical data pertaining to agricultural production in order to develop a proposal for establishment of advanced vegetable production projects.


Aquaculture Industry Feasibility Study & Survey

Market Research and Environment Analysis

Performing a throughout study of the countries' resources to provide an extensive plan for the establishment of Aquaculture complexes.

RTNC-Group provides extensive feasibility Surveys to present a general concept of intensive aquaculture production specify by the sites characteristics. Performing a pre-feasibility study of the water resources and the fish most likely to breed and grow in each given environment in order to develop a proposal for establishment of advanced fish growth production projects.


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