Consulting, Planning & Management Services

RTNC Group is a leading provider of planning, consulting and management services in the fields of telecommunications, energy, infrastructure and agriculture. Supporting solutions that help nations meet today’s ever evolving challenges.

From conception to execution, RTNC Group integrates multiple disciplines, cutting edge technologies and top tier professional vendors, while ensuring a quick and efficient workflow. In this way, we provide our clients with customized, long-term solutions, tailored for their specific conditions and requirements.


Realising potential, materializing value

Telecommunications systems form a critical part of our world in both business and public sector environments, enabling communities and organizations to integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in order to optimize their business operations and communication practices.

Telecommunication systems are highly complex and interconnected combinations of technology, organizations and people. RTNC Group’s approach is that successful telecommunication systems must employ technology in a way that effectively meets the goals and strategy of our clients’ organizations, taking into consideration technological factors and their interaction with the human factor. This requires precise and professional planning that defines the appropriate scale and features of the system, followed by effective supervision of the implementation and integration process, in order to ensure the system’s success.

RTNC Group is a global telecommunications integrator with years of experience in the implementation of cutting-edge solutions for governments and the private sector. Our experience covers a wide range of activities, from the design and implementation of mobile and data networks, to the establishment and operation of LTE, GSM, WiFi, and WiMax technologies, to the provision of transmission services and IT solutions. Our services provide full expert solutions that include design, surveys, planning, project management, installation, integration and optimization.



Lighting the way towards sustainable energy future

Low access rates to electricity can significantly slow down national development. By combining different fields of expertise and knowledge, our team of leading international experts has designed and oversaw the implementation of ideal energy solutions for different natural environments, market conditions and customer requirements. Our solutions drive economic growth, connecting households, businesses and communities to power and allowing them to push beyond basic living standards and employ vital technologies.

RTNC Group has integrated various different types of energy generation and transportation solutions on a national scale: from developing countries that required the establishment of a comprehensive power system, to industrialized nations that desired the expansion and enhancement of existing energy infrastructures, RTNC Group has successfully planned transmission lines, established power generation stations of all types and devised adapted and expandable transformation stations.

RTNC Group management and consulting services help nations coordinate their efforts in order to unlock their energy sector potential, using our expert knowledge to improve generation efficiencies, unlock connection opportunities and help stabilize national grids for the long term.




Building roads to success

RTNC Group’s team represents a unique combination of expert advisors and professional practitioners with decades of hands-on experience, this places us in a unique position to support and advise on public- and private-sector infrastructure megaprojects involving dozens of subcontractors, suppliers and workers.

Our team’s expertise brings a professional perspective that helps to avoid and reduce cost overruns or schedule delays. RTNC Group helps clients design and deliver projects, taking into account probable risks and possible supply-chain problems that may delay the projects’ execution. In this way, RTNC Group has been able to establish a successful track record delivering value by achieving the highest level of efficiency, productivity and delivery quality in infrastructure projects.




Sustainable agricultural development for a better future

As the world’s population continues to grow and natural resources continue to dwindle, this causes food prices to rise and agricultural production to become ever more strained. In order to sustainably increase agricultural productivity, advanced agricultural technologies and methodologies must be utilized to their fullest potential, in a way that is fully adapted to natural conditions and circumstances.

RTNC has experience in providing expertise, management and professional guidance for multiple agriculture, aquaculture and livestock endeavors, in order to develop the best and most adapted products for each market and ensure stable and profitable enterprises.

By establishing sustainable agricultural projects, developing abilities and knowledge and building international networks for exporting products, RTNC is proud to assist in the foundation of profitable and sustainable nutritional safety-net for communities and nations around the globe.




In an ever inter-connected globe, the right partnerships and affiliations are the key to ensure prosperity and success. We are proud of the relationships we have established with leading companies in multiple areas of expertise, in order to assure the best service to our clients.


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